¨Amo tanto a España, porque la conozco¨ Gregorio Marañón, Madrid 1887-1960

Translation Services

Need a translation? Just send us a quick e-mail at office@gb-translation.com to get a free quote or to make a general enquiry. Thanks!

For those linguistic services which cannot resolved with a quick Spanish immersion course or with some help from the ex-pat´s best friend, the dictionary, check out our range of translation services in collaboration G.Brunner Translation. We translate your CV into Spanish so you can go about finding a job in Spain, translate your website in order to enable to set up your own business in your newly adopted country, and help you out with any linguistic problem you might encounter.

This translation service was created by an experienced professional from the world of translation: Gabriel Brunner. Gabriel is well-known in various parts of the world as an expert in all things linguistics. Having finished his academic career with a degree in translation and interpretation, he has been living and working in different parts of the world, e.g. Austria, Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, Morocco, Italy, and Spain. He has been director of studies and teacher at more than one language school, interpreter at EU level, and in many international political summits and meetings. In his long and varied career as a translator and interpreter, he has worked with important, famous personalities like José Manuel Barroso, Fritz Durnwalder, and David Copperfield.

Thanks to a strong presence on the internet, Gabriel Brunner, as a translator and interpreter of excellent reputation, together with his team of freelance translators in the whole world, is a real provider of one-stop solutions for all aspects of languages and linguistics and all types of translations. An expert in technical translations, web site translation, and state of the art technological solutions and equpment, he is a guarantee for the most professional, efficient, and high-quality translation results, combined with a no-fuss, straight and clear approach to communication between client and interpreter.